Buyer of the Year

So the hilarity has already ensued with listing that Beatles home movie

This is one of my most ultimate pet peeves with buyers—it clearly explains in the description that part of the footage is from a live concert. I guess fastsearcher is so fast, he can’t read. 

Of course, 30 seconds later, I received a second message: 

Yes, yes, fastsearcher, I want to end this auction now that has 16 watchers and 4 bids within 12 hours of being listed. 

Srsly, double you, tee, eff. 

Oh and for fun, here’s a picture of me, mega preg. In the bathroom at work like a real classy lady. 


eBay World Mega Find


I know it’s been quite some time since y’all have heard from me, but I have to tell you about something crazy I just found in eBay World (new location: basement!) tonight. I decided to look at the abundance of home movies/8mm film I had down there, and finally get rid of it. As I was sorting through it all, I found this: 


So I yelled to Adam to come take a look. He has a manual 8 mm projector so he busted that out and discovered that it’s probably some footage from one of their 1964 Olympia Stadium shows in Detroit.

Adam could ID the base drum and some other stuff. 

The seats these people had were far away and the quality isn’t fabulous but… we shall see if there are any takers! 

For good measure, they decided to also include film of the Beatles performing on TV, as well as their children dancing. 

Totally awesome. 

If you know a Beatles fanatic who would be interested, spread the word


Grand Benders

Like I mentioned, my family was in Canada for vacation two weeks ago.  We were in the same area of Ontario as our day trip last year, only this time we were staying for 6 days.  Fun fact is that Grand Bend (our precise location) is featured in a MTV Canada show called Grand Benders.  We didn’t know this until our third or fourth day of vacation.  The show is basically Vanderpump Rules (a Bravo show).  It was fun to try and spot cast members while we were out to eat or at the beach.

Of course, we hit up our favorite antique haunts and tried a few new places. 


That’s Everett driving a car at a flea market.  He smoked that little girl in the background.





Those giant luggage trunks above were on the Titanic.  Just kidding, they weren’t on the Titanic.  Still cool though.


This Griswold rabbit mold is my all-time biggest holy grail antique item.  I have wanted it for YEARS.  They have one at an antique store near our house but it is $400.  This one was $300.  I literally dream about finding this for cheap at a garage sale or something.


These wind up metal guys were pretty neat but were $70 each.  No thank you.

I did buy a few things.  Most to resell.  I got these Armand Marseille doll heads for mega cheap.  I am hoping someone who restores old dolls might be interested.


I also got this Wyandotte tin train because I saw that brand on American Pickers once.  It was $10.


I think I will keep this pewter rose ice cream mold.  I have a thing for molds if you can’t tell.


My favorite purchase by far was this set of ceramic pig heads.  I thought for sure Zach was going to put the kibosh on this purchase, but he actually liked these.  (Or he was being charitable…not sure.)

Their heads actually hold dishtowels.  Very practical.  I will be hanging them in the kitchen.

That’s all!  See you next year Canada!


I was in Ontario, Canada with my family last week and we came across the most insane antique collector/picker/hoarder/health violation I’ve EVER seen. The property was huge and just full of outbarns. Each one was filled to the brim. There were also dozens of abandoned vehicles and campers (all also full of treasures/garbage).

We didn’t buy anything here because we didn’t want to get tetanus. It also seemed like the seller didn’t really want to part with anything. Shocking I know.

Of interest was the fact that the owner of this place mentioned that the “American Pickers” had filmed there. I did some research and turns out it was the “Canadian Pickers.” Nice try buddy.


I am finally parting with these special cards, so if any of you are interested in them, please note that they’re for sale! I am sad to get rid of them but really, what do I have to do with them? Someone should buy them and do something crafty. The illustrations are seriously unreal. So stinkin’ cute! 


The Purge: Episode Three

Well, it’s been three weeks since I last updated in general about the eBay World Purge that’s going on over here. 

Not a lot to report, though I am slowly but surely continuing to purge, moving my belongings out, along with a bunch of donations and garbage. There’s still a ton to sell, and I’m being REALLY optimistic because I’ve only got about 4 weeks left away from work. 

Here’s the state of the room this week: 

(bag on chair is garbage)

Lots of floor space now… 

Little Betsy even comes in and keeps me company while I work. Now that the dog bed I’ve had in here for her for a year is unearthed, she knows she’s welcome. 

Today’s project is to list some of the Real Photo Post Cards (RPPC) that I have that I think might we worth something. Who knows anything about these? 

Some seem to go for quite a bit, so we’ll see what happens. 

In the meantime, if anyone’s a big Warhol fan, I’m selling my three Best in Children’s Books that have Warhol-illustrated stories in them. You can find them on eBay now (willing to take any reasonable offer!) and here are some of the illustrations: 

I’ve got a lot more to update about, but that’s it for today! 



The Offering

Zach went to an estate sale a couple of weeks ago.  It was family-run and at the door walking in, he was handed this:

He said that there was a huge box of these things and literally EVERY person who walked in the door was handed one.  He unrolled it to find:

An invitation to a wedding anniversary party that happened IN 2004.

Unfortunately they were not selling time machines at this sale, so the rationale behind this offering will remain a mystery.


No Deal

A few weeks ago, there was an estate sale in my neighborhood.  It wasn’t on but luckily a friend of mine spotted it and told me.  I am glad she did because the home was that of a former antiques dealer.  Everything in the house was high quality, and even better, there was tons of it. 





As you can see, it was a lot of paper stuff.  I had Everett with me so it was pretty much impossible to look through any of this.  I decided to come back the next day with Sarah.  Before I left though, I struck up a conversation with the women running the sale.  They seemed really nice and kept repeating that they were willing to make good deals.  Nearly everything in the house still had price tags on it from the woman’s antique booth.  The ladies running the sale were her daughters and said they would NOT be charging what the stickers said.  Ok great, I LOVE DEALS.

So Sarah and I come back the next day and it seemed like Sarah was in hogs’ heaven.  One back room of this house was completely filled with old postcards. 


The day before, one of the women running the sale said that a giant box of postcards would be about $60, which she then explained was about a penny a piece per card.  I told Sarah that if she bought a bunch of cards, she would certainly get a good deal.

I found two postcards for myself and let Sarah have the rest.  These Santas usually sell pretty well on ebay.


In the garage there was a ton more paper.  All of it was old brochures, programs, ticket stubs—all your basic ephemera.  I started digging.


I found a plastic sleeve full of old railroad stuff and grabbed it on a whim.  I haven’t sold any train stuff on ebay before, but it seems like something a lot of people are geeky about.


It was really hot outside so I peaced out and went to meet back up with Sarah.  I could tell she was losing steam.  The house had no air and the amount of stuff to look through was getting burdensome.

Not to mention that something else was becoming very clear—these women were totally lying about their “deals.”  There would be NO DEALS.  Something had happened since the previous day that made these ladies less than thrilled about parting with their mom’s stuff.  Fair enough.  It’s tough to do.  That said, from our perspective, this was very annoying. 

Sarah’s loss of joy over this sale was pretty clear:


That’s her “Let’s GTFO of here face.”

Postcards were now “individually priced” and some were $12 each.  TWELVE DOLLARS.  EACH.  Sarah had a stack of postcards about 3 inches deep and they wanted to charge her $75.  $75, which they explained, was actually a VERY good deal.  No.

After going back and forth for awhile on prices, I was able to get a small pile of stuff for $17.  It included that train stuff and Santa postcards above, as well as the following:


Don’t old Halloween decorations sell?  These guys are in okay shape and pretty cool looking.

And this horrible card:



No seriously, WTF.  This card isn’t even that old!  JFC.

The best score I got (which should make me not complain so much about the prices at this sale) was an old railroad schedule from the 1890s.  It sold for $100 on ebay last week, which was a huge shock.  It was hovering around $20 and then shot up in the last minute.  So awesome.


Poor Sarah only got some overpriced postcards, although she didn’t end up paying $75.  I think she paid like $25.  Hopefully one of them is made of gold!

Oh and P.S. I went back to this sale for a third time with Zach.  I thought maybe on the last day these women would have a change of heart and really price to sell.  (They didn’t.)  I found this Indian doll that I had a sneaking suspicion was an Armand Marseille.  I had seen a really similar doll at another estate sale in mint condition that was AM and was priced $200.  This one was far from mint but I got it for a mere $5.  It sold on ebay for $36!


Cute huh? If it’s hair hadn’t fallen off, I would have kept it!  Anyway, keep an eye out for these because they are Armand Marseille but are not marked! 

Ok and here is totally-over-it Sarah again.  Just because.



The Purge: 35 mm Slide Edition

Hi y’all! 

Remember last summer when I bought an entire basement of slides while Erin was 7+ months pregnant? 

Well, since that time, those slides have resided in my very own basement, and let me tell you, Adam has been pleased about this. He was nice enough to help me move them all out of a corner of our basement this past Sunday, and I started the grueling process of sorting through them.

The slides have weighed heavily on me because of the quantity, and because I’ve known it’s a lot of money just sitting in our basement. But I also was aware of how much time it would take to go through them all. So I decided that on Sunday, it was time to start. It literally took me all day. 

That’s a picture of my view for the entire day. There were 54 slide carousels filled with slides, and then tons of boxes, as you can see. I was determined to take an inventory of everything so that I could list them with as much accuracy as possible, and also transfer all of the slides in trays into boxes, because shipping 54 slide trays is basically impossible. 

And now you can see why it’s impossible (that’s actually 51 trays—3 are not pictured). 

In the process of sorting through these slides, I found some crazy and cool stuff. For example, the dude who took these was insanely OCD about documenting the content of nearly every single slide. 

The sad thing was that they were all mixed up—the papers in the boxes weren’t always with the right trays, and so it was impossible for me to retain his notes. The good thing is that he also had notes on the slides themselves!

In the end, I counted every single slide and there were 8,429. This is what 8,429 slides looks like. 

If you want to watch this lot blow up (come on! be positive!) on eBay, you can follow it here. Or, if you’re a collector, you can bid on it! 

Also, in the process of sorting through all of this stuff, I separated a bunch of movies and sound recordings that I had also purchased at another estate sale, and Adam unearthed this gem.