I know you were talking about the 'antique' VHS tapes, and you're right, they probably are worth nothing. But keep your eye out for any 80's or 90's wrestling tapes, as they go for good money on eBay drewapicture

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Images from “My Baby” Magazine (1954) and “Baby Talk” Magazine (1954).

The tie-down crib blanket is particularly questionable.


As you’ve all heard, a tiny human came out of my body just over a week ago. I’m hoping to be back in the estate sale game soon, but it might take a few weeks.

In the meantime, here is an amazing excerpt from a 1950s parenting magazine. Friend Jenna gave me a couple of these she found in her grandfather-in-law’s house. 

I’ll be posting more from these mags soon. As for the image above, I can say with confidence I’m nailing about two items on the list.  


As you’ve all heard, a tiny human came out of my body just over a week ago. I’m hoping to be back in the estate sale game soon, but it might take a few weeks.

In the meantime, here is an amazing excerpt from a 1950s parenting magazine. Friend Jenna gave me a couple of these she found in her grandfather-in-law’s house.

I’ll be posting more from these mags soon. As for the image above, I can say with confidence I’m nailing about two items on the list.


Free Willy

Remember a few weeks ago, when I posted that image of that giant collection of VHS tapes at an “antique” sale”?… 

Well, that same week I left it up to Erin to find the sales we would be attending, and the first one she took me to was THAT EXACT HOUSE. When we pulled up, I recognized the company’s sign and started dying laughing. I typically avoid this company’s sales because they overprice everything and it’s usually a giant pile of garbage. We had some luck at their sales when they first started up, but since then, they’ve been pretty bad.

So anyway, apparently some of the pictures of this sale “looked good” to Erin, which is why we ended up there. Here is a sampling of the selection of wonderful goods available. 

(Though this would have been a great gift for Erin, I passed on it.) 

I honestly can’t think of anything grosser than used men’s tighty whities. It’s even grosser than smelly snake skin

The selection of gross dolls was off the chain. Here’s the freakiest. Best thing is that Erin and I BOTH took a picture of this creep. 

He has fangs, yellow eyes, and a soul-sucking stare. HELP. 

$360? Excuse me? Made of gold? 

Alright, so here you go. I took one look at this slipper and shouted, “Free Willy!” Erin and I were dying when we realized it said Fred Willey. Also, you must have some serious slipper thievery happening in your hood if you have to write your name in dry erase marker on your footwear. 

Turns out there was one lone collector who hit a jackpot here—so many VHS tapes to choose from!

I did find one cool thing at this sale—a single vintage Minnetonka boot. I looked everywhere for its mate and came up empty handed. WTF? Erin bought a woven purse that had no price tag. When she went to check out, the man looked at it and said, “Oh the woman who lived here traveled all over the southwest… she probably got this at an Indian reservation. The freakin’ purse had a manufacturer’s tag inside and Erin was super polite while pointing it out. She got the purse for $4. 

Next up on our agenda was a sale in Redford that looked pretty good. We didn’t end up with much, but at least there were more cool things to look at. 

I loved this lamp, wig, hat combo. 

That is some old-ass peanut butter. 

I don’t know what this thing was but it sure looked cool. 

Holy moly! Anyone need some lightbulbs? 

In the end, I left with some vintage cards and wrapping paper, and Erin left with a handheld steam cleaner that ended up not working very well. Here is some of the wrapping paper—pretty cute. 

When we got back to their house, I made Zach take a picture of Erin and I with that bun still in the oven. I had panicked a few days prior because I realized that the whole time she’s been pregnant, I never had my picture taken with her and her giant belly.

She wasn’t kidding! Good thing we captured this when we did, because that little boy wasted no time arriving! Two weeks later: 


Hard to Resist: Clown Doctor, Baked Big Boy & Much More!

I mentioned last week that when I went to the Chelsea Antiques Market a few weekends ago, there were many things to see that were very hard to resist. Here are a few of my faves. 

Frankly, I don’t understand this terrifying plate, who would want it, or where it came from. I hated it so much—it just made me feel icky inside. Clowns are already scary enough but this one has a SAW in his doctor bag, a hammer in his hand, and golf clubs for no reason. WTF? 

Sarah and I were dying when we saw that someone had, with a red sharpie, made poor Big Boy’s eyes super bloodshot. Either that or he smoked some powerful ganja. 

I enjoyed that this seller didn’t know for sure whether a) the doll was very old or b) it was even a doll at all! 

I hope the Ultimate Punk finds this vase, because it was especially made for him/her. 

I call this masterpiece Terrifying Zombified Ceramic Hunter Boy, with Dog.

Some special anniversary cigs. 


Ok, I saved my favorite for last. Every time I look at this picture, I LOL. 

This is what Erin looked like when the nurses told her it was time to push. 



Grass Lake Adventures: Part Two

Oh my gosh. I know it will be hard to top Everett’s debut on the blog, but we have to keep things rolling here. Right?…

OK, FINE… I’ll show you ONE more picture of him… 


Ok, back to our adventures in Grass Lake a few weeks ago. So, after Sarah and I left The Copper Nail, we decided to drive to nearby Chelsea and hit up the Chelsea Antique and Collectibles Mall. I tend to forget that antique malls are places where I might find cute things, so I was glad to have the opportunity. There were actually a lot of cool things at this place, one of which I already blogged about—my adorable pose dolls! Here are some other cool booths & things: 

Below you’ll see a little Cairn Terrier figurine that Sarah spotted. She has a Cairn Terrier so she was interested in this little guy but he was priced outrageously. I just looked online and it seems these are fairly abundant on eBay, so Sarah—go get one! 

Even though this sign includes improper punctuation, I loved it. There were a stack of these small signs for sale but again, they were priced $15 or $20 each, which just seemed to steep for a piece of paper. 

I LOVED this baby quilt but it was also priced a little high and even though I’ve bought things for my non-existent baby in the past, I couldn’t really bring myself to do it here, but now I sort of regret it. 

I really wanted this book but figured I could find it cheaper online. I think it was marked $12. Turns out I was wrong about this one! The cheapest one on Amazon used is $23. Whomp whomp. 

If you look close at the prices, you can see this is a baller collection of mason jars. I was just taking note the other day of the fact that hipsters enjoy drinking things out of mason jars, so maybe this is where you go to get a jar that is different from other hipsters’ jars. 

Sarah was interested in learning more about old things and what draws me to specific items. I gave her a perfect example of something that is tempting to buy (cute, cheap, different)… 

….but that I need to start training myself not to purchase. In this case I did ultimately decided that I did not need to purchase a miniature figurine of a beagle wearing a dress, playing a harp. You’re welcome, Adam. 

There were lots of funny things to see here, but I’ll save that for a rainy day. But before I go, you want to know what I came away with, right?!

I couldn’t resist this mug—since I love hounds and love coffee. The sexist rating scale on the side sealed the deal. 

I got this little piglet for my miniature shelves. He’s cute and weird. 

I also got another vintage baby blanket but I forgot to take a picture of it. 

Oh I forgot to mention the best part about this place—it’s connected to a bowling alley!

Fun here for SURE! 


Have you ever seen such a perfect baby? I have not. I am filled with so much love!

Welcome to the world, Everett! I hope you like estate sales! 


Have you ever seen such a perfect baby? I have not. I am filled with so much love!

Welcome to the world, Everett! I hope you like estate sales!


Horsin’ Around

This past weekend Zach and I hit two sales in nearby Grosse Pointe.  Normally, sales in this area are overpriced but, since it was Sunday, we figured we could find some deals.  The first sale was actually supposed to be in the Boston Edison neighborhood of Detroit, but the address said it was in Grosse Pointe.  This was really confusing.  I LOVE going to sales in Boston Edison because all of the houses look like this:


I know what you’re thinking…THAT’S IN DETROIT?!  Yes, yes it is.  I filmed a “behind the scenes” making of a music video for a band in one of these houses once.  You can see it here if you’re curious about how baller these places are.

So basically, I was so excited to go to this sale because even if we didn’t find anything to buy, at least we got to scope out a cool mansion.  Turns out though that the company running this sale had simply removed items from one of these houses and stuck them all in a retail space in Grosse Pointe (hence the address confusion).  UGH.


Things were kind of thrown around and it was pretty cramped.  This girl was sitting on the floor right in one of the walkways sorting through tangled jewelry.  Since it was hard to move and because things were scattered everywhere, I kind of gave up looking.  We were about to leave when I noticed a box of old horse ribbons on the ground.

I love old horse ribbons because they are colorful and pretty.  I had a gut feeling that people must buy these and so I consulted ebay.  Sure enough, they do sell.  I bought the whole box for $12.  Did you know that there are all sorts of horse ribbon crafts you can make?  Indeed there are!

Here is a whole entry about these old ribbons from fellow antique blogger Mitzy from Mitzy’s Miscellany.  The best ribbon in my box was this super huge one:


After leaving this place, we hit one more sale nearby.  The house was gorgeous and they were selling mostly furniture.  There were some smaller items though, except that everything was priced extravagantly.

Even tiny decorative boxes were marked $50-$75 each.  Usually we see them for $5-$10.  Zach found this little plate he liked but it had two price stickers on the bottom.  One said $25 and another said $2.  I went to ask which price was correct, although I was SURE they would say the $25 one.

Lo and behold, the guy told me that this was only $2!  I realized then that maybe these people running the sale were willing to wheel and deal.  They did have a lot of stuff left in the house, and it was all mega overpriced.

Zach bought this old print for $10 and then I found this weird old plaque.  I wasn’t really sure what it was from, but I loved the look of it.  Give me some old metal and wood and I’m sold.  

I thought this would be great on a wall in our house.  I also thought it might be equestrian-related (I must have been on my horse kick from earlier), but after some googling, it turns out to be from a church mission group in the 1950s.  Here’s the thing though…this was priced TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS.  I know right?!  That is insane.  

I carried the plaque around for awhile and then got the courage to ask one of the workers about the price.  I was totally honest with him and said how much I loved the plaque, but that it was way too high for me.  I then asked him outright if they were trying to get rid of stuff or if the homeowner would rather keep what was left over.  He said that the owner was an interior decorator and would probably just keep everything.

He then told me that he could go $75 on the plaque.  I told him I didn’t want to be disrespectful, but that I could only be in on it for $25.  He gave me a pretty resounding “NO” but I could tell that the wheels were turning in his head.  I held onto the plaque and waited a few seconds until he said, “Ok ok, how’s $30?”  I took the deal.  I think this guy realized that he could get his commission on $30 or on $0 and he chose the former.

Driving home, I noticed that the little medallions on this plaque are stamped “SILVER” really tiny.  I don’t know much about scraping metals, but maybe that is why the thing was priced so high?  And maybe now I should scrap it instead of hanging it on my wall!  If someone is an expert on this, let me know.  My only experience with scrapping was that time I bought a Muffy doll accidentally wearing a real gold chain.


Grass Lake Adventures: Part One

Two Saturdays ago, I drove out to Grass Lake, where my friend Sarah lives, to check out some local resale and antique stores. She wanted to take me to one store in particular that’s located in (tiny) downtown Grass Lake, The Copper Nail. Before that, though, we had to stop at the Grass Lake Diner for breakfast. Look, all I’ll say is that I had the most amazing “toast” of my life. I don’t know how I didn’t take a picture, but I did find one online. Basically, they take banana bread or pumpkin bread and toast it so it’s nice and crunchy on the outside and cakey on the inside. Then they slather it in butter. So it looks like this: 


My mouth is watering just remembering it. 

When we finished breakfast, we went across the street to the Copper Nail and started digging. The store is community/volunteer-run and gives all of its proceeds to local nonprofits. Very cool. The store is a mix of vintage and new items, and the first thing I saw when entering was a rack of Halloween costumes. Nothing really struck my fancy, but I was a bit horrified by this:


… and then fortunately while recovering from that visual, I noticed a marionette hanging from a shelf.  

imageIt was marked $15 and also had a note on the tag that said it was a “Hazelle” marionette. I looked these up and it was sort of inconclusive in terms of value. I decided to pass. But in the event that you ever run into a Batman or Robin Hazelle marionette, be sure to snatch it up. 


There were TONS of books at this store, which, as I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear, made me incredibly happy. I found some with pretty chuckle-worthy titles. 



They can? I guess they can. 

One nice touch about The Copper Nail is that they offer their guests cookies. Sarah said they’re normally homemade cookies, so she was disappointed by the selection that day, but free cookies are always good no matter their origin, if you ask me. 


Check out that moose butt. I just noticed it. 

I was hopeful that I would find some old paper goods, and got really excited when I spotted this Santa box, which I recognized right away as being a card or stationary box. 


While these Santas are super cute, all I found inside was a bunch of birthday cards with ducks on them. Whomp whomp. 

In the end, I did find some cool treasures. Here’s a group shot. 


A little bag of vintage cards, a Linus and Sally figurine, an adorable vintage Paddington for $1, a vintage pitcher, and a cool old copy of The Westing Game! I already have a copy of the other book, but I bought this one to stick in our neighborhood Free Little Library, which happens to be across the street from my house. Paddington will fit right in with the rest of the stuffed children’s book (and TV) characters I’ve got on one of my office shelves. 


I also purchased this ultra cute ceramic Christmas guy. 


He looks like he was made by someone at home with a kit—probably a lot like those Holland Mold heads I wrote about a few weeks ago. He was only $2. Adam was thrilled because we are super short on Christmas decorations. Right, Adam? 

I also purchased these two chalkware lambs to resell. 


Do you notice anything weird about one of the lambies? 


So let me explain what happened. After I paid, the nice little old lady who rang me up started wrapping my breakables in newspaper. But she was balancing the paper bag she was putting all in on a wobbly chair behind the checkout desk. When she was loading the last few items in, the bag tumbled to the floor (with all breakables inside) and Sarah and I just looked at each other and made an “EEEK” face. The lady took out the chalkware sheep and looked up and said, “Well. What do you want to do?” as if *I* had, through psychic powers, willed the bag to fall to the ground. I told her I didn’t want the sheep for $10 since one of them was now legless. They ended up selling them both to me for $5. 

Finally, check out this cute baby blanket with bunnies on it. I like buying cute, soft old blankets to put in the various pet beds around the house. Another habit that my husband loves.

As soon as I took this blanket out of the bag, Scout decided to kick back on it. 


If he looks a little somber, that’s because this picture was taken a day before we discovered that scout had eaten a 13-inch piece of cellophane that was stuck in his stomach. What happens when your cat gets cellophane stuck in his stomach, you ask? Well, you pay $1600 and then your cat looks like this: 


Now he gets to wear a more stylish, clown-like collar, and he seems to be doing a lot better. 


I know it seems out of place for me to be writing about this pet fiasco on a blog about treasure hunting and reselling but it DOES relate! The cellophane that Scout consumed was the backing from the adhesive on a plastic book mailer/envelope that I had used a few days earlier to ship something to an eBay buyer. So our family has suffered even MORE injuries from the treasure-hunting/resale business. 

This is getting a little long, so check back in a day or two to hear about the second part of our Grass Lake adventure! 


Fave Find: Adorable Vintage Pose Dolls

Last weekend, I went treasure hunting with a friend and picked up these adorable dolls at an antique mall in Chelsea, MI. 

I am pretty much obsessed with them. I saw them in one of the last booths in the mall and asked to take a look. They were marked $10 each, which did seem a teeny bit high, but they seemed so unique (and were so darn cute), I couldn’t pass them up. I’m not sure if these were made by someone or if they’re Japanese but there are no stickers or marks that indicate their origin. Here are some close-ups. 

"Hello! I’m so cute!"

"Look at our adorable matching booties!" 

"Look at these pinup bandannas!"

I seriously can’t explain how much I love these ladies. 

They do look similar to Mop-Pets, but I don’t think that’s what these are. Their faces are painted—none of it is stickers, which is what other Mop-pets I’ve found have for eyes and mouths. If anyone knows more about what time period these are from (I’m thinking ’40s and ’50s based on the outfits) or who made them, please let me know!